How It Works
The Challenge
Building an e-commerce jewelry Web site from the ground up is a challenging even ominous task for any independent jeweler. Who is going to design it? Where will the product images come from? How can I update the pricing? Who's going to write the content? How much will it cost? How long will it take? Who can I trust?

Brilliant Solution
The Customer Connect Web site solutions are the result of a strategic partnership of three of the industry's most powerful players: Solaris Creations, National Jeweler and Bizzuka. The e-commerce sites are not only beautifully designed but they come preloaded with a virtual inventory of products, impressive library of National Jeweler editorial and Bizzuka's sophisticated, but easy-to-use content management platform.

Virtual Inventory - Each site features an online store of beautifully photographed top-sellers from our vendor participants' finished jewelry offerings. This provides jewelers with a virtual inventory of thousands of items, many of which are available for overnight delivery.
Dynamic Pricing and Auto Updates With gold prices fluctuating so wildly, keeping Web site pricing up-to-date is a big challenge. Not any more! Items on the site are linked to a sophisticated database and are dynamically priced with your retail multiplier. Discontinued items and out of stock items are automatically removed from the site.

Fulfillment - If desired, many of our participating vendors will ship orders directly to your customers, making the process even more streamlined.

Infinitely Expandable In addition to the great selection of items already pre-populated, you may add as many items you'd like from any number of your favorite vendors.

National Jeweler Content - National Jeweler magazine has been serving retail jewelers for more than 100 years. Most recently, a suite of professional marketing tools, including Web sites, newsletters, catalogs and data mining systems, has positioned National Jeweler Network as a primary source for business-building solutions.
The Library Each site comes with a library of more than 250 feature stories. Ranging in length from 300 to 400 words, the stories are written for the end consumer and cover the gamut from educational and technical topics to fashion and season advice.
Stories Position You as THE Expert  - The stories don't only inform and inspire, but they also position you as the jewelry expert in your trading area. You have editorial rights to alter the stories as you wish, allowing you to customize and target the stories to your market.

Google Friendly Remember, in the world of Google, "content is king." The more your site has, the higher it will be rated. The extensive library instantly puts your site head and shoulders above your competition's.

Bizzuka Technology - Bizzuka's highly sophisticated content management platform provides jewelers with simple point-and-click control over all the components of the site. Updates and editorial changes take place in seconds not days or weeks. Choose from a large assortment of template designs and we'll add your branding, preferred lead images and color palette.

Modular Design The architecture of the sites makes it infinitely expandable, so it will never be outdated or obsolete. Your Web site will grow as your online business grows. The Emerald-level package, for instance, comes with the Stuller inventory, National Jeweler library and eight popular components, but can be expanded and enhanced to include more than 120.
Professionally Designed Calls to Action -  When the season changes, so will your home page "calls to action" with an easy-to-use library of buttons designed by Bizzuka's talented designers. Replace your Valentine special with a Mother's Day special with a click of the mouse.



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